The Juggernaut

(Vitagraph Company of America, 1915)

Back in college, John Ballard saved Philip Hardin's life. Twenty years later, John is the district attorney and Philip is president of a railroad notorious for its accident record. When John brings a suit against the railroad, Philip threatens to reveal a ruinous secret about John unless he drops the case. Meanwhile, a railroad inspector discovers that a trestle is in eminent danger of collapse and the express Philip's daughter is aboard is about to cross it.

Less than half of The Juggernaut as it was originally released is believed to survive today. For this edition—new for 2017—all the surviving footage has been combined with little and never before seen production and publicity stills to reconstruct The Juggernaut as it appeared at its New York premiere in 1915. Great pains have been taken to ensure that it is completely true to the original scenario.

Both alternate endings are included in addition to the one seen at the 1915 premiere.

See the "also available" section at the bottom of this page for The Juggernaut Collection, in which this video may be found, as well as an alternate cut of the film, all three alternate endings, and several, related bonus short features.

Starring Earle Williams and Anita Stewart · Directed by Ralph W. Ince

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