Trumpet Island

(Vitagraph Company of America, 1920)

Recently returned from the war, Richard Bedell has fallen in love with Eve de Merincourt, but her father depends on his daughter marrying a wealthy man to save himself from financial ruin. He forces her onto his globetrotting friend Henry Caron. Richard, dejected, moves to a remote island. On their honeymoon, Eve and Henry are caught in a sudden hurricane and their airplane crashes on the very island Richard had escaped to. Eve is unhurt and Henry appears to have been lost at sea, but Fate still has more in store for Richard.

This video was sourced from a 1929 re-release of Trumpet Island intended for the home movie market, retitled The Hand of Fate. Although it has been abridged to just over one reel, the complete story is preserved along with the major action sequences.

Starring Marguerite de la Motte and Wallace MacDonald · Directed by Tom Terriss

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