Two to One

(Vitagraph Films, 1927)

The Ambersons are the oldest and most prominent family of their small Midwestern town, but as the nineteenth century draws to a close and industry begins to darken their quiet town into a bustling city, the family quickly find themselves overshadowed by the up-and-comers of the next century. One of these is the automobile pioneer Eugene Morgan, who decades ago had been the rejected suitor of Isabel Amberson. Now a widow, Isabel hopes to renew the affair, but her son George, raised at the height of the Ambersons' fortunes with all the self-assured arrogance that entails, takes umbrage at riffraff like the Morgans.

The movie was filmed in 1925 and released under the title Pampered Youth. It was the first screen adaptation of Booth Tarkington's 1918 novel The Magnificent Ambersons. Warner Bros., after acquiring the original production company, re-edited the film and re-released it under the title Two to One in 1927. This video is of that version of the film.

Starring Alice Calhoun and Cullen Landis · Directed by David Smith

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