Privacy policy


Personal information:

When registering for an account, Harpodeon asks that you give an email address. This is used purely for alerting you to the progress of your orders (e.g., whether your payment has completed successfully, whether it is pending or declined, etc.) Your email address is not used for any other purpose, nor will it be given or sold to any other parties. Optionally, you may also supply us with a shipping address. This is not necessary unless you wish to purchase a DVD or some other physical product that requires shipping. Baring a valid legal order, your personal information will not be disclosed to anyone outside of Harpodeon.



A session cookie is placed that allows you to stay signed-in while on the website. This session cookie is temporary and will expire when you close your browser. If you opt for one by clicking "Remember me" on the sign-in page, a permanent cookie may be placed that will sign you in automatically whenever you visit the website.

If you disable cookies, the website will still function, but you may be asked to sign in whenever you do anything involving your account (e.g., watching videos you have purchased). Cookie-less browsing is reliant on JavaScript to maintain your session. If you disable both cookies and JavaScript, the website will remain largely functional, but some minor features may not work and you will be asked to sign in repeatedly.



Harpodeon strives to maintain the security of all the data on it server, both your and ours, but must acknowledged that there is no such thing as total security on the Internet. While we do employ modern, secure data transmission protocols, it may still be possible that data may be intercepted at some point between our server and your computer (e.g., if you use an unsecured wireless router, or a compromised public WiFi spot, etc.) and we cannot be held responsible for that.



Harpodeon assumes that everyone using our services is of legal age to do so and does not knowingly deal with anyone under 13 years old.



Beyond the access and error logs standard to any Apache-based web server, various pieces of technical information (e.g., what browser and operating system you use, whether you have cookies or JavaScript enabled, whether you use Flash, etc.) are recorded whenever you the website. This information is studied in aggregate and is not linked to any particular account or individual.


PayPal and Amazon:

Harpodeon is not responsible for the privacy policies of its payment processors, PayPal and Amazon. Please see their own privacy policies if you are concerned about them.



Harpodeon reserves the right to change or adapt these policy as needed.