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The Films of John Bunny

Though little remembered today, John Bunny was the first internationally renowned film comedian. This DVD collection features four John Bunny shorts — or "Bunnygraphs" — made over four consecutive years of his career at Vitagraph. Among them are three "Bunnyfinches" with Bunny's usual co-star Flora Finch and one early Bunny short comedy co-starring Mabel Normand. As a bonus, this collection also includes an additional short from Vitagraph's other heavy comedian, Hughie Mack.


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Betty is in love with her father’s secretary, but Daddy does not approve and dismisses him. She concocts a plan to get his job back and be near him without Daddy suspecting a thing.

Starring John Bunny and Mabel Normand · Directed by Ralph Ince

Mary enlists her cousin’s help to break her husband of his poker habit once and for all.

Starring John Bunny and Flora Finch · Directed by Laurence Trimble

When a stranger accidentally drops a locket in Judge Jones’s pocket, his wife thinks he is having an affair while the stranger thinks he is a thief.

Starring John Bunny and Flora Finch · Directed by Frederick A. Thomson

Tupper hopes to win a baseball-loving widow’s heart by forming his own team.

Starring John Bunny and Flora Finch · Directed by George D. Baker

Additional content

Fatty takes the advice of a boxer on how to win his girl back from the dashing actor who stole her away.

Starring Hughie Mack and Lucille Lee · Directed by Ralph Ince

  • All the films in this collection feature an original, scene-specific piano score compiled from period appropriate photoplay music.




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