The Miracle Man

(Paramount Pictures, 1919)

A pretended cripple is the centerpiece of a con artist’s plot to fleece the gullible believers of a small-town faith healer, but his plan begins to unravel as his accomplices fall under the miracle man’s power.

Although one of the most significant and acclaimed films of its era, little survives of The Miracle Man today. For this presentation, the surviving footage has been combined with scenes reconstructed from production and publicity stills to give some idea of what audiences saw in 1919.


Starring Thomas Meighan, Betty Compson, and Lon Chaney
Directed by George Loane Tucker




Image quality:



480p SD


34 minutes


Additional content

  • Photo reconstruction: This edition of The Miracle Man features a reconstruction of the missing sections of the film created using publicity and production photographs.
  • Original score: Featuring an original, scene-specific piano score compiled from period appropriate photoplay music.



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