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    Video collection
    The Tom Mix Collection (Video collection)
    A collection of short westerns featuring early cowboy star Tom Mix.
    • A Five Thousand Dollar Elopement (Selig, 1916)
    • Never Again (Selig, 1915)
    • Roping a Bride (Selig, 1915)
    • Sage Brush Tom (Selig, 1915)
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    On-demand DVD
    Vanity Fair (DVD)
    • Vanity Fair (Vitagraph, 1911)
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    Vitagraph Re-Releases (DVD)
    When they purchased Vitagraph Studios in 1925, Warner Bros. was interested primarily in their extensive distribution network, but along with ...
    • Trumpet Island (Vitagraph, 1920)
    • Black Beauty (Vitagraph, 1921)
    • Two to One (Vitagraph, 1927)
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    On-demand DVD
    Yankee Doodle in Berlin (DVD)
    • Yankee Doodle in Berlin (Sennett, 1919)